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Recruiting PhD students for Cell Mechanics Lab at Rensselaer

Full support is available for 2 PhD students in cellular mechanics group in Biomedical Engineering Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  

The applicants should have mechanics, materials or soft matter physics background, with some experimental experience at micro-scales.  Experience with any of the following is considered a
plus: computational mechanics, cell/tissue culture, microscopy, image analysis, photonics.

Available projects are related to cellular force generation and its effect on tissue structure and function.  It is a multi-scale research supported by experimental, analytical and computational methods.  More information about research is available at:

The perks include conference travel at least once a year and a microscopy workshop in the 2nd year of studies.

Interested students should send the PDF of their CV and a short letter explaining their strengths and interests to and mention this post at iMechanica. 



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