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ansys or abaqus,which of them is better

Hi every oneI am doing my master in civil engineering at U.K.M. University in Malaysia. I want to learn 1 FEM software. But I don’t no which of them is better for me ,ansys or abaqus?. My thesis is about concrete filled tubular.

I must model concrete and steel, and I think I face contact problem to define connection between concrete and steel.

I will be very pleased if someone helps me.


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I have used ABAQUS several times to model reinforced concrete with both steel bars and concrete phase are modeled separately.

Therefore, I advice to use ABAQUS for such problem.

Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub, Ph.D. Texas A&M University

Hi, Sattar,

In ABAQUS, you can model the reinforce bar and concrete matrix separately, then in assembly module, you can just embed the steel bar in the matrix, no need to define contact interaction or tie constraint. It is the design of abaqus for the special purpose of composite material. In the new version of Abaqus, you can even easily define the ply and the orientation, and then stack them up as in real composite.  It is very convenient.

My two cents.


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