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The first overlay journal in mechanics JTCAM is now operational!

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Dear Mechanicians, dear colleagues, dear authors and readers of scientific publications,

We are more than happy to inform you that the first overlay journal in mechanics was successfully launched in August 2020.

Title: Journal of Theoretical, Computational and Applied Mechanics (JTCAM)


Now, the journal is fully operational and has been receiving your papers for consideration of publication. Do not hesitate to visit the journal's web-site, look through the journal's Constitution, editorial policy, Scientific Board, and so on. Currently, there are no publications available since the review of first papers has not yet been finished. We will notify soon when the first papers are published.

It is a fully electronic Diamond Open Access journal which targets high quality scientific publications in all domains of mechanics. Diamond Open Access implies that all the publications are free of charge for readers and authors, so there is no Article Processing Charges nor subscription fees. The Overlay model of publication means that preprints and accepted papers with journal style formatting are made available on open archives such as arXiv and HAL. The journal is hosted by a dedicated non-commercial platform which hosts already 17 journals.

You could take a look on the original article class layout in which we invested a lot of energy. It could be downloaded from the journal's page.

The journal was launched after the election of the Editorial Board, which consists of the following eminent scientists inspired by Open Science principles:

  • Laurence Brassart [University of Oxford, United Kingdom ]

    micromechanics, multiscale modelling, homogenisation theory, constitutive modelling, multiphysics couplings in materials, computational mechanics

  • Laura De Lorenzis [ETH Zürich, Switzerland ]

    computational mechanics, contact mechanics, data-driven solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, multifield modeling, multiscale modeling, phase-field modeling

  • Shaocheng Ji [École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada ]

    structural geology, plate tectonics

  • Xianfeng Liu [Southwest Jiaotong University, China ]

    transportation geotechnics, multiscale analysis of geomaterials, multi-physics in geomechanics, unsaturated soil mechanics

  • Anil Misra [University of Kansas, USA ]

    geomechanics, geomaterials, biomechanics, biomaterials, micromechanics, metamaterials

  • Anna Pandolfi [Politecnico di Milano, Italy ]

    computational mechanics, fracture mechanics, biomechanics of soft tissues, discretization approaches, material modelling

  • Alexander Popp [Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany ]

    solid mechanics, contact mechanics, coupled multiphysics problems, finite element technology, high performance computing

  • Julien Réthoré [École Centrale de Nantes, France ]

    fracture mechanics, full-field measurements, identification

  • Olivier Thomas [Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France ]

    nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, electromechanical smart systems, vibration damping, waves

  • Laszlo S. Toth [Université de Lorraine, France ]

    mechanics of materials, crystal plasticity, crystallographic texture, self-consistent modeling, strain hardening, severe plastic deformation

With this message we would like also to kindly acknowledge all the candidates applied to the Associate Editor positions!

If you are passionate about Open Science, if you are interested in the future of Free and Fair Scientific Publications, we invite you and your colleagues to consider submitting your future papers to the JTCAM, the first overlay journal in solid mechanics! The journal is handled by scientists and for scientists with no commercial benefit and no pay walls.

JTCAM Technical Board

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