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New Book in Cyclic Plasticity of Metals

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New book: Cyclic Plasticity of Metals: Modeling Fundamentals and Applications (published by Elsevier)


Table of Contents:

Part One: Introduction

1 Experimental observations in cyclic loading of metals

2 Fundamentals of cyclic plasticity models


Part Two: Cyclic plasticity models

3 Multisurface cyclic plasticity

4 Two-surface cyclic plasticity

5 Nonlinear kinematic hardening cyclic plasticity

6 Distortional hardening cyclic plasticity

7 Computational methods for cyclic plasticity


Part Three: Applications of cyclic plasticity

8 Cyclic plasticity applied to the notch analysis of metals

9 Application of cyclic plasticity for modeling ratcheting in metals

10 Application of cyclic plasticity to fatigue modeling

11 Cyclic plasticity of additively manufactured metals

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