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Postdoc Fellowship in Engineered Living Materials at Cornell University

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The Cornell Engineered Living Materials Institute (ELMI) is seeking applicants for postdoctoral fellowships. Fellows will work with faculty affiliates to pursue their own original proposed research that aligns with ELMI objectives. 


The ELMI is a bold new initiative at Cornell that reimagines a world in which materials are grown to address societal needs currently, insufficiently met, by engineering materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors, and glasses). We will utilize what biology is best at – growth, self-organization, multi-functionality, and harnessing alternative energy sources – to design materials, devices, and structures that are both more functional and more environmentally friendly than our current approaches. Achieving such a vision will require scientific, engineering, and design innovation. The field of Engineered Living Materials is multidisciplinary; applicants with expertise in all relevant disciplines (engineering, biological sciences, architecture, etc) are encouraged to apply.


Please see the attached PDF for details on the application process. General inquiries can be sent to Meredith Silberstein, the current ELMI director, at

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