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Alain Goriely's Seminars on Growth at UC Berkeley

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Dear Colleague,


I'm delighted to annouce that Alain Goriely (Oxford U) is visiting the Department of Mechanical  Engineering, UC Berkeley as a Russell Severence Springer Lecturer. 


He will be giving a colloquium later today and lectures in the coming weeks that are remotely accessible via the zoom link: 


You are welcome to join, but I ask that you provide your name and affiliation in your zoom profile. 


The schedule of talks, which are being held from 2:00pm-3:00pm (PDT) and will start at 2:10pm in 3110 Etcheverry Hall, is as follows: 



(April 20: Colloquium) The mechanics and mathematics of biological growth

(April 26): The shape and mechanics of active filaments with applications to neurons and plants

(May 5): The shape and mechanics of surfaces with applications to shells and skulls

(May 10): The shape and mechanics of the growing brain

(May 12): The shape and mechanics of gravitating moons and planets


I've attached a two-page document with additional details. 


Best wishes,





PDF icon Colloquium and Lectures649.73 KB


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Dear Colleagues,

 Please join me in congratulating Alain Goriely on his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society:  Having Alain at UC Berkeley as a Springer Professor these past four weeks has been a great pleasure.  His last two lectures will be held today and Thursday (zoom access available - see links above).  Best wishes,Oliver



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