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A question on ANSYS

I want to simulate a thin circular film in xy plane. The force is in z direction. I wanna get the deflecton of the film using ANSYS.

The material is linear, but the deformation is geometrically nonlinear. Also, I consider only stretching behavior, which means that

the bending effect is totally neglected.

Which element I should choose?


Thanks in advance!! 


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 Hello Qianfeng

I saw that Shell 63 with keyopt (1)= 1 covers your objective. Shell 41 is also a membrane shell.

Shell 63 is standard, and you have lots of options in case you want to include other tasks.



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Thanks a lot!!!

I'm using SHELL93 now, the quadratic version of SHELL63. I got some useful results, but the bending effect was included.

I don't know how to disable the bending...My method is just making the thickness so thin that most of the region is stretching-dominant region.

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If you have them in command mode, you can easily replace the respective elements, look for the command et in Help.

I just looked into help section for shell93, and it gives you the option, keyopt(8) = 2, for storing midsurface values which I think will give you the results you expect.



I am a new member in iMechanica. I participate in this discuss because use ansys too. May you have tutorial about drop test used ansys workbench? or anather tutorial by ansys workbench with impact loading.

Many thank



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