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Finite Extension of Accreting Nonlinear Elastic Solid Circular Cylinders

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In this paper we formulate and solve the initial-boundary value problem of accreting circular cylindrical bars under finite extension. We assume that the bar grows by printing stress-free cylindrical layers on its boundary cylinder while it is undergoing a time-dependent finite extension. Accretion induces eigenstrains, and consequently residual stresses. We formulate the anelasticity problem by first constructing the natural Riemannian metric of the growing bar. This metric explicitly depends on the history of deformation during the accretion process. For a displacement-control loading during the accretion process we find the exact distribution of stresses. For a force-control loading, a nonlinear integral equation governs the kinematics. After unloading there are, in general, a residual stretch and residual stresses. For different examples of loadings we numerically find the axial stretch during loading, the residual stretch, and the residual stresses. We also calculate  the stress distribution, residual stretch, and residual stresses in the setting of linear accretion mechanics. The linear and nonlinear solutions are numerically compared in a few accretion examples.

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