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ANSYS 3D reinforced beam

Hi everyone!

   I'm a graduate student at Civil engeeniring Dept. in Greece.I'm working on my diploma-project with ANSYS and I need some help. I'm supposed to analyze a beam made of stone (part of an ancient temple) which should be reinforced with titanium bars. I wonder if there is a standard process to place the titanium bars elements into a 3D beam,or this is getting done manually node by node? Because the beam's geometry is not so simple I've used SOLID 187 (tets). I need your opinion on that as well as which should be the best element for the titanium bars.

   I've just started using ANSYS so any help could be very very useful..

  Thanks in advance. 

Dear Goldi81,


According to my knowledge, for modelling concrete element the solid65 is usually employed. with solid65 you can model both concrete and reinforced rebar. In Ansys 11, I know the Reinf265 can be used for model 3-D smeared reinforcing. Thus depending your purpose, I think you caan choose appropricate element. Please read on manual for furthermore information.

Cheers, Linh 



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