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piezoelectric composite beam analysis using ABAQUS

Hi!! all

  I am doing analysis of piezoelectric composite beam as 2-d problem. there are 5 layers. top layer is PZT-5A and bottom 4 layers are cross ply graphite-epoxy . beam is simply supported and load is udl pressure. plz tell me how to model this beam in ABAQUS.

Thanks u.


R.Kadam Student IIT Delhi (INDIA)

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I model composite in ANSYS. If you are familier with ANSYS  than i can help you to model it easily.

hi sir,

        to and bottom layers are piezo layers, middle one is graphite epoxy. i dont know how to couple them.please guide me in doing this.

Hi!I find information that you can model composite with piezo in Ansys!Could you help me with this.

@ramesh.iitdelhi - hi,i am analysing piezoelectric(PZT-G1195) along with graphite epoxy. I would like to know how you modelled your work in Abaqus finally. Kindly let me know. Thank you.

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