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[Free Webinar] Simulation for the manufacturing process of all solid-state battery

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Join this global webinar to learn about the latest multiscale simulation technology that can be used to predict the performance of powder molded products ⇒ Sign Me Up


All-Solid-State batteries are known to be safe products because they do not use flammable solvents. The main components are a solid state electrolytes and an active materials. Each material must achieve a well aligned microstructure to obtain high quality performance.

To this end, the technology for handling powder is important that is a manufacturing process involving mixing, filling, and compacting and so on. In this presentation, we will introduce analysis technology for a series of these manufacturing processes by linking DEM and FEM, and also simulation technique for performance prediction based on multiscale analysis.


Koji Yamamoto, Developer and Technology Specialist, CYBERNET Japan

Francesco Lori, Mechanical Application Engineer, EnginSoft Italy


  • Powder materials simulation
  • All solid-state battery
  • Mixing, Filling, and Compaction
  • FEM and DEM coupling
  • Multiscale analysis

More information about multiscale analysis and simulation


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