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Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science!

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Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science! 

Science 29 February 2008:
Vol. 319. no. 5867, pp. 1189 - 1190

Integrating Content Detail and Critical Reasoning by Peer Review

Ravi Iyengar,1* Maria A. Diverse-Pierluissi,1 Sherry L. Jenkins,1 Andrew M. Chan,2 Lakshmi A. Devi,1 Eric A. Sobie,1 Adrian T. Ting,3 Daniel C. Weinstein1

Classroom lectures by experts in combination with journal clubs and Web-based discussion forums help graduate students develop critical reasoning skills.

National University of Singapore

Bioengineering Department


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Roozbeh, thanks for pointing out this interesting article. 

The link to the paper is:

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