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A blog for the International Journal of Fracture

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I am pleased to announce that a new blolg associated with the International Journal of Fracture has been created by Springer. This is an ambitious project that aims to augment the published version of the papers and to create a dialogue between authors and readers. All articles beginning with the Dec 2004 issue now have a blog entry; ealier volumes will be added as digital processing of information continues. Discussion is not restricted to papers published in the journal, but should relate to the fracture/failure/structural integrity theme/micromechanics. Please see my post of Oct 25, 2006 for a detailed description of the obectives of the blog. I welcome your particpation in this experiment to enhance archival publication.



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The IJF blog looks great. I have just subscribed to its RSS feed, which works great. The feed includes the full abstract, and a link to the full paper. However, I cannot view the full paper by following the link, even if I have already been authenticated by the proxy service at my university. To view the full text, I still need to go to the website of the journal through my university.

In any case, this is a great beginning. We'll just learn how to use the new tools.

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This is exiting! It's great to see publishers like Springer diving into the Web2.0 trend. This blog will facilitate the interaction between the authors and the readers, which in turn adds value to IJF itself.

I'd like to propose the following suggestion. Since each IJF article has a list of keywords. Is it possible to automatically assign such keywords as the tags for each article? This way, a tag cloud can be generated to help readers to search articles by category/keywords. Tag cloud can also be used to highlight most popular topics in the articles published in IJF.

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