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nanoindention lab services

We are pleased to inform you that Ebatco’s Nano Analysis and Testing Laboratory (NAT Lab) now is open to serve your nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing and analysis needs. The NAT Lab’s staff scientists have more than 10 years of nanomechanical and nanotribological testing, applications R&D and instrument development experience. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art nanoindenters with nm-resolution in-situ SPM imaging capability and full lines of advanced options such as nanoDMA, modulus mapping, feedback control, heating/cooling stage, vacuum chuck, and environmental control and isolation chamber.

As you may agree, nanoindentation based techniques are still your best tools in working with nanoscale mechanical subjects. The techniques have been utilized not only for academic research on nanomechanics, but also for measurement and testing of all kinds of materials and specimens. We would be more than happy to assist you with our professional, high quality and speedy services whether you want to verify your molecular dynamic simulations, to prove your FEA modeling results, or to measure mechanical properties of advanced materials and novel products at nanoscale. We are capable and confident to provide you with meaningful results on a wide variety of specimens spanning from biological tissues and hydrogels to DLC thin films and thermal barrier coatings, from quantum dots to flexible electronic devices, from MEMS to biomedical implants and stents, from razor blazes to computer read/write sensors. You send us your challenges and specimens we present you testing results and solutions!

We encourage and support collaborative and joint efforts between theoretical modelers and experimentalists in this fantastic nanomechanical fields. Your comments and inquiries are welcome!

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