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How to import Ls-Dyna files(*.k) to Abaqus CAE 6.7 Edu version

How to import what i beleive is Ls-Dyna files with an extension (.k) in to Abaqus CAE 6,7 edu version?? . Any free translaters are available or can it be done with Abaqus itself ??

 Thx in advance



Could you please let me know if you figured out how to import LS dyna .k file to abaqus

I know a way in HyperMesh. 

Step  1. Open HM in Abaqus mode

Step 2. Import the .k file

Step 3.  Re-define the element type and material card.

Step 4. Export it as a .inp file  

Do you know if there is any other way of doing it? I need to mainly convert the geometry i have in the ls dyna file to abaqus

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Is there any other way to convert .k LS DYNA files to Abaqus?




Dear Omid

I suggest you to read "3.2.30 Translating LS-DYNA data files to Abaqus input files" topic in Abaqus documentation.


Mohamad Khorashad
BanuMusa Research Group chairman & founder


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Thanks Mohamad,

very helpful, did it just using a command.




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