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Fatigue Analysis

Is it possible to carryout the Fatigue Analysis using LS Dyna.

If it is not possible then what will be the best software to carry out the analysis.

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Dear Bharath,

I myself do not use LS Dyna but as far as I know, there is no internal solver for fatigue analysis, only quasi-static failure solution. There are several commercial codes that can be recommended for your purpose, but any selection of the "best one" is highly subjective to personal opinion and properties of the particular problem you want to solve. You can find the links to all of them on my website

I personally would select from these three codes: FemFat, LMS.Virtual Lab Component Durability and Fe-Safe. But anyway, you should be careful if the software you want to buy is really able to compute the results of your task and if the method used for this purpose is really usable - I myself met with problems of implemented but not very useful solutions...

If the results of your computations stay in-house or are completely private, you can also try to use my own code PragTic. It is freeware available on The limitations I mentioned are due to its freeware character - today hardly any customer would accept results from such a freeware solution, they tend to prefer the commercial codes that are used in big companies.

So, good luck in your search.


Jan Papuga

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