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Graduate Research Opportunities at Iowa State University

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There are currently 5 openings for perspective graduate students (preferably applying for a PhD program) in the area of experimental, theoretical or computational solid mechanics (or combined), starting from Fall, 2009.  Recruited students are expected to work with Ashraf Bastawros or Wei Hong.  Possible research topics include: Smart materials/structures, Reliability of micro-electronic devices, Layered structures, Mechanics of soft active materals, etc.

Please apply through the university website

For details on the position and research projects, please contact Wei Hong or Ashraf Bastawros with a copy of your application materials.

Early starting (Summer 2009 or earlier) is possible


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Dear Prof. Hong,

My name Nguyen Thanh Tung. I am looking for a PhD position in metamaterial which exhitbits the negative refractive behavior. I am getting Msc degree in Department of Physics, Hanyang University, Korea (expected Winter 2009). Is it possible for me to apply to these topics you mentioned above (still working in metamaterial field is my dream)? If you need my CV, pls take a look in this link 

Best regards,

 Tung Nguyen

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prof Sir,

Thanks for this great opportunity you are offering some of us to pursue our accademic goals.i have a master in mechanical engineering... I worked on developing the application of new biomaterial into friction composite.this involved analysing the thermo-physical properties of the material,manufacturing the friction composite using the material as based product and then testing the developed friction composite for quality performance.i must confess i have no experience in computational modelling yet it is my desire to further the work i've started in that direction, as it is important to model and simulate stress distribution and temperature behaviour in such novelty. 

i wish to know wether i can apply for the positions being offered by you for PhD. Am naturally a fast learner and believe i can catch up in time to produce whatever result you will expect from me.

thanks in advance


Fono Tamo Romeo,
Dept of Mechanical Engineering,
Obafemi Awolowo University,
Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

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