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Modelling wind resonance in turbines (linear)

Hello! I am a mechanical engineering student and I chose an aspect of a dynamical system exhibiting resonance to model. The focus of the project is on the resonant response of the system.

If the wind has a frequency that matches the natural frequency of a turbine, then the turbine will resonate due to wind. I am working on modelling the resonant response in turbines due to wind in order to simulate the model in MATLAB.  The model will be a simplified one, with the approximations and assumptions listed. For example I will assume that the wind is a periodic, harmonic wave and the system is linear, so it is similar to modelling a mass-damper system or cantilever system since the system is oscillating and being pushed back to its equilibrium position. 

For the equations of motion for a spring-damper system I would take into account the forces of the spring, the damper, applied forces if there is any, equate this to the acceleration of the mass and take it from there.

I am trying to deduce the equations of motion of my system of choice for the analysis, however I am not sure where to start and what forces I have to take into account to write the equations for the system in order to analyse its resonant response.

 I would ve most grateful if you have any suggestions for how to go about doing this. 

Thank you!



I am an industrial engineering student and i study dynamics in structures.

I found a book really useful. It is called Chopra-Dynamics_of_Structures-Theory_and_Applications_to_Earthquake_Engineering.

There are many chapter related to dynamics, and not only to earthquakes.

I expect it would be useful for your purpose.

See you!

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