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cohesive zone modeling under comprssive loads

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I have square plate with circular inclusion, I have added a cohesive elements around the inclusion. Inclusion is harder and matrix is softer. I have applied both tensile and compressive loads on tha plate, I could able see debonding for tensile loading but i could not see debonding fro compressive load. I am using maximum stress criterion for damage initiation and for damage evolution fracture energy. I am doing simulations in Abaqus. Now I want to replace normal stress criterion by some shear criterion, can I able do it. Is there any shear based crietrion for cohesive zone modeling.


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Gouse, I want to simulate inclusion-matrix debonding under tensile load with Abaqus cohesive element. But when I added the cohesive layer around the inclusion, the stress field was totally changed. I think the stiffness of the cohesive element was not right. DO you know how to choose the 
stiffness of the cohesive element ? or can you give me an example? Thanks very much.

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