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Quasi Linear Viscoelasticity vs. Linear Viscoelasticity

Can anyone explain what is main difference between Linear Viscoelasticity vs qlv (Quasi linear Viscoelasticity) proposed by Fung.  As far as I understand stress relaxation function and elastic response functions separated and given in convolution form which provides "strain rate independent" results in qlv application.  

Is linear viscoelastic description is strain dependent?

To understand difference, I have generated simple stress relaxation experiment using Abaqus where different strain rates are applied into same model (kept constant a while) which has material property of viscoelastic (Prony ) + hyperelastic (Mooney-Rivlin).

I have used same model but only changed material property hyperelastic to elastic + viscoelastic with different strain rates applied again.

In overall I have see no difference (characteristics of the stress relaxation curve) between two models (visco+hyper VS visco+elastic) .

How can I design a such a experimental model to be able to understand difference between linear viscoelasticity vs quasi linear viscoelasticity in Abaqus?

I hope,I have expressed myself clear enough...

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