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comments on second page

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I just noticed a new problem with imechanica: when a blog entry has received too many comments, additional comments will be placed on a second page but not linked properly. For example, the comment, "Work-free isochoric deformation", has a link node/5014#comment-10406 , which leads to the original blog entry rather than the comment. One can find the comment either by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and then clicking "Next" or by a direct link, node/5014?page=1. This seems to be a rare situation that the software does not handle properly.


Henry Tan's picture

I am (and of course many others are) experiencing the same problem. For example, the following comment cannot be found by just click on the link:

The same problems will keep occurring since as iMechanica grows more and more comments are posted in just one Blog. This is a serious problem for someone who is posting on the second-page.


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