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Schlumberger Postdoctoral Research Position in Mechanical Systems Modeling

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Specific Skills
Candidate is to have strong background on modeling of mechanical systems, and in particular modeling to understand/predict the transient dynamic behavior of interacting elastic bodies. Equally important is training on different techniques/theories regarding the control of the dynamic response of those systems. Expertise with modeling from basic physical principles is definitely a plus, as is expertise with numerical solution techniques like finite element/ finite difference/ finite volume methods. Exposure to different passive and active techniques to control dynamic response, such as vibration damping and shock mitigation is also desirable, as well as it is being able to incorporate those techniques into computer modeling tools at different level of abstraction. A PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, or other related fields is required.

Job Description
The new person will join a team project effort aimed at pushing the state of the art in modeling technology to understand/predict/control the dynamic behavior of mechanical systems, in particular concerning the transient dynamics of interacting elastic bodies under external forces, such as during the drilling of oil wells. At the same time the person will be expected to use the modeling technology under development as a virtual workbench to study new approaches to predict/control/optimize drilling operations. This position will be located at the Schlumberger Doll Research Center in Cambridge, MA.

Contact person: Jahir Pabon (

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