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Mass sensing by using a resonating microcantilever

We recently reported the mass sensing by using resonating microcantilevers. The characterization of mass-sensing and its related sensitivity was suggested on the basis of elasticity theory. This work was published online at Sensors and Actuators A (click here).


Through the use of oscillating microcantilevers, a micromechanical mass detection with a resolution of a Hz per picogram regime is reported. Through MEMS processes, piezoelectric microcantilevers that are simultaneously capable of self-actuation and the electrical measurement of resonant frequencies were fabricated. Mass detection in the Hz per picogram regime is demonstrated with a deposition of an Au thin-layer, of which the thickness is precisely controlled. In addition, it is shown that a scaling down of the microcantilevers enhances the sensitivity during the micromechanical mass detection.

Keywords: Microcantilever; Micromechanical mass detection; Analytical sensitivity; Resonant frequency

PDF icon Sens Actuat A (2007) Eom K.pdf666.65 KB
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