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Some numbers of iMechanica

Zhigang Suo's picture
  • The number of registered users is 6037
  • The number of posts is 2896 (You can see the current number by clicking the newest post).
  • The number of comments is 6943 (You can see the current number by clicking the newest comment.)

Last updated on 19 March 2008

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Rui Huang's picture

This might be difficult. Do we have a counter for the total number of comments? 


Teng Li's picture


I guess I'm writing the 512th comment of iMechanica since its launch.


Congratualtions to those who have been putting in the hard yards.


Quality engineering related sites of any sort on the internet are few and far between. It's a pleasure reading the information posted on here.



Ning Wang's picture

Congratulations, Zhigang.  Do you have many users/guests in Europe or Asia?

Dear Ning:  We have not had time to implement a more sophisticated module for statistics.  My own impression is that we have a lot of people from Asia, and quite a few from Europe.  In terms of overall numbers, you can take a look of the updated number in the post above.

Dear Ning Wang :

I am from Shanghai, China. I find some articles here are interesting and useful to me.

Rui Huang's picture

The number of daily hits is an important indication for the porpularity of any web page. Is there a way to count the daily hits for iMechanica? A history of the number would also be interesting. 


Teng Li's picture


The total number of webhits from 29 Jan 2007 to 21 May 2007 is 2,132,820, with an average daily hits of 18,874.

The number of webhits on 20 May 2007 is 18180.  So the statistics is about right.

We don't have exact webhits stats for the period before 29 Jan 2007 dating back to the launch day, 9 Sept 2006, but it's a fair estimate that the total number of webhits of iMechanica (a little more than 8 months old) is more than 3,000,000 by now.

These numbers are backed out manually and the process is bit of slow, which makes a daily update unreasonable. I'll keep records on this from now on.  Maybe we should look into the option of installing an automatic counter. 


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