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deal with strain gradient by abaqus

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 dear everyone,

I want to ask if anyone deal with strain gradient proposed

by fleck eat. in 1994 and 1997, using subroutine in ABAQUS ?

I have read the manul of abaqus for a couple of days.Here

is my problem. It does not provide extra freedom for user

except 12 freedom booked in the abaqus,such as 1 ,2 

representing x-displacement and y-displacement,

is that ringht ?  if I use the rotation freedom ,

it need extra force such as blending ,if not ,the stiff matrix

will not be symmetrical. when I put strain gradient into SVARS

options ,strain gradient will not be coupled into control

equation which means it will not be coupled into Virtual

power ? I do not know is that any way to solve the problem . 

can you fix a way for me ?



I'm dealing with the same problem. I'm also using the same UMAT. You can get all the information from the DSTRAN variable that is passed in from abaqus to UMAT.

Did you get any further in this?


PhD student
University of Manchester

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