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ABAQUS running in a PC with a dual core processor

Dear all,


I have a question regarding ABAQUS running in a dual core processor in a personal computer. 

I noticed that if somenone submits ABAQUS directly in DualCore pc then ABAQUS by default will use only 1 of the  processors. 

Which is the way of making ABAQUS use both of the processors and use 100% of noth of them? Is there a specific command line?

The second thing that I would like to ask:  What is the command that should be added in the command line in order to run abaqus with increased memory, say from 500Mb,  to 1000Mb.


Thanks in advance



1. In the command window, type

>abaqus j=Job_name input=input_file cpus=number_of_cpus

2. The size of memory can be set in the environment file(abaqus_v6.env) . Modify the following phrases

pre_memory = "1024 mb"
standard_memory = "1024 mb"

Best regards,

Sang Ha

Dear Sang Ha


thanks alot for your reply.  Really helpfull.

 I also have another quick one.

 Incase the simulation stops for any reason, say for example that the computer restarted in order to do an update, how can somenone resubmit teh job from teh point it stoped?




You can use *restart keyword to resume the analysis.

First, you should save the analysis results by

*RESTART, WRITE, FREQ=the increments at which restart information will be written.

 Second, make a new input file containing the following:

*RESTART, READ, STEP=previous_analysis_step, INC=the_last_increment_number

Then, the analysis resumes from the last increment of the previous analysis.  


Best regards,

Sang Ha



If I understood well the new input file will be exactly the same as the first one (the one that stoped) and the only thing that I will do is to add the following comment:

 *RESTART, READ, STEP=previous_analysis_step, INC=the_last_increment_number

 Where does this comment has to be placed in the new input file?


Thanks for the reply


Best regards,




 Yes, you are right. The *restart keyword can be placed on the model step. Please refer the ABAQUS keyword manual for further details.

when I type in command prompt, abaqus job=file name,

then after "abaqus is not recognized as an internal and external command" this massage coming.

pls help me what should i do?


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