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ABAQUS - Problem concerning "concrete damaged plasticity" model

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Hi all,

I'm trying to solve a frame structure in ABAQUS. I'm using 3D beam elements (B31) so that shear and bending stresses may appear. This is ok for an elastic analysis, but I also want to perform a failure analysis of this frame. Therefore, I'm trying to use the "concrete damaged plasticity" material in ABAQUS.  But I've read in the manual I can't use B31 elements with this material.

 Does anyone know how to combine the "concrete damaged plasticity" material in a 3D beam analysis? Any other suggestions?

 I tried "brittle cracking" so far and it didn't work either. I also tried both with truss elements and it worked, but I need to model shear and bending behavior as well.

 Thanks in advance,

F. Montero

i am a civil engeenering

i want to modelling a arch dam in abaqus but i have many problems

please help me

i am new in abaqus

i want by program ( matlab ) have many coordinate nodes of geometry dam , but i dont konw use this nodes in abaqus

please help me

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