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Nonlinear elasticity of biological gels

I would like to propose the recent papers by Janmey, P.A., and coworkers on the nonlinear elasticity behavior of biopolymer gels for "biomechanics" issue in J Club. In their original work, they proposed the biopolymer network model composed of semi-flexible polymers that behave like a worm-like-chain (WLC) model. Their models surprisingly capture the mechanical response of biopolymer gels such as neuro-filaments. The details of their work are as follows:

Storm, C., Pastore, J.J., MacKintosh, F.C., Lubensky, T.C., and Janmey, P.A., Nature, 435, p191 (2005)

Janmey, P.A., McCormick, M.E., Rammensee, S., Leight, J.L., Georges, P.C., and MacKintosh, F.C., Nature Materials, 6, p48 (2007)  

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