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Open Call for Journal Club Themes and Discussion Leaders

Attention all iMechanicians!  If you have a theme you would like to see in the Journal Club next year, please feel free to:

  1. post it here for discussion
  2. send it to me via email
  3. reccommend discussion leaders

Thanks in advance!


Hi John,

Here are a few suggestions (in no particular order):

-- James Rice: How he arrived at the idea of the J-integral. The motivation, the thinking steps, any false starts he experienced, the amplification of the ideas... Aimed at the beginning graduate student.

-- James Barber: Any topic of mathematical physics or elasticity, and of broad appeal, that he would like to touch on/highlight.

-- Markus J. Buehler: A combination of articles touching on the fundamental physical ideas and issues behind/suggested/motivated by atomistic computations (2/3 weightage) + application/relevance thereof to his current research, say as in reference to the biological materials (1/3 weightage)

-- Biswajit Banerjee: A comparative study (or survey) of the various computational methods that are found useful in modeling waves, including the waves in solid media. The narrative should be aimed at helping the reader compare and contrast the various alternatives available in different problem types/domains.

Needless to add, I tend to like/recommend journal club themes that take a sweeping view over many techniques/ideas, or those that are have some historical angle to them, as in contrast to those themes which emphasize the detailed kind of scholarship in one specific area alone. ... Just a personal preference...

Just my two cents. [And, thanks for asking.]



for the suggestions.  I will definitely ask some if not all of these people.  I think Biswajit is off the hook so to speak, by virtue of leading a discussion a few years back. 



azadpoor's picture

In line with my own area of research, I would suggest a journal club on formability prediction theories. I am not sure whether or not the topic has been touched upon before, but it may be worth a shot in case more people are interested. I have some ideas/publications on the topic and would be happy to contribute to the club.

Amir Abbas Zadpoor
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering,
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

WaiChing Sun's picture

Hi Prof. Dolbow,

    Perhaps this topic seems a little bit old, but I would suggest a theme on thermodynamics and its relation to phenomonological poro-plasticity. In addition, I also recommand a theme related to gradient plasticity or non-local continuum.





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