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Mahadevan receives MacArthur Grant

 L. Mahadevan's pictureL. Mahadevan, of Harvard University, is among this year's recipients of The MacArthur Genius Grant.  Congratulations!


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Congratulations to Prof. L. Mahadevan

Congrats, Mahadevan!

...Looked up your Web site... IIT Madras 1986... Hmmm.... What was your branch? Which hostel? (I was doing Metallurgy, MTech, but I was in Narmada---not in Krishna, Tapti or Kauveri.)


Been here at iMechanica for 2+ years, and, frankly, the sort of "growth" in the number of hits that this post has registered seems entirely out of the way---almost unnatural...

The closest that I can think of is the (only) time it happened to one of my own threads: when my "stress or strain" thread (node # 1001) had registered a quantum jump almost overnight, sort of making it pull ahead of others... I no longer remember the exact numbers, but it could be that it went from about 1000 hits to 3000 hits overnight (or, from 100 to 300---as I said, I hardly bothered, but, yes, I did observe it back then).

What gives?

Any idea, Mahadevan?


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