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Particle size and debonding stress

Hi everybody,

do you know where I can find some informations about the relation

between particle size and critical normal stress at the interface particle /matrix

for a particle embedded in a matrix?

I read the Chen's article 'Size effect of particles on the damage dissipation in nanocomposites'

but this article deals with spherical particles. I am studying clay/matrix nanocomposites and I would like to

calculate the relation between clay size and debonding stress.


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Michele Zappalorto PhD

Dear Cecilia, The prediction of nanocomposites mechanical properties is a challenging task. In the best of my knowledge there is no answer to your question. However some interesting comments can be found in the following paper by the group guided by Professor Fermeglia (University of Trieste). Maurizio Fermeglia, Marco Ferrone, Sabrina Pricl. Computer simulation of nylon 6/organoclay nanocomposites: prediction of the binding energy. Fluid Phase Equilibria 212 (2003) 315–329. 

I’m working on nanocomposite modelling as well. Maybe we will have the chance to discuss face to face at some conference…

 Best regards Michele Michele Zappalorto PhDDepartment of Management and EngineeringUniversity of Padova, Vicenza

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