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Modelling RC component with ABAQUS considering bond-slip.

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Hello, all

I am trying to model a corroded beam under loading considering bond-slip effects. Following is the methods i used,


           I define the interface between the reinforcement and the concrete, then i added fraction and give the fraction coefficient. However without vetical force, the fraction coefficient is useless. I also define the shear limit which brings no improvement too. So i give up this solution.


         In order to add spring elements between the surface of reinforcement and concrete, i have to model reinforcement useing solid element as the truss element does not exist one surface (i don't know if these right). Then i couping the surface of concrete and reinforcement with RPs respectively . After that i use SPRING2 to connect the two RPs and give the SPRING2 its stiffness. This method is applied but the process is really tough and it meets covergence problems when the stiffness is nonlinear.


          ABAQUS MENUAL said tension stffening is suitable to model bond-slip in Smeared Plastical Model of concrete. It is really convinent to do this and the result is easy to get.


IF anyone of you are interested in this problem, it is welcome to discuss.

Thank you in advance!


I am involving in modeling of a 2D RC member with bond-slip behavior now. I intend to model concrete crack in tension zone. I used brittle cracking for concrete property but I do not quit know that the prameters that I defined are correct or not.

Also to model bond slip I think the best model in contact cohesive behaviour but the problem is that when I define a cohesive and assign it to surface to surface, the file does not in explicit model. I would be grateful if you could help me in this matter.



I'm newborn in ABAQUS. I want to make a static analysis of RC frame with the bondslip effect after apply cyclic loading to the frame.


At the moment,I tied the reinforcement bars with the concrete. And manage to plot hysteress curve of the frame. what I'm aspect was degradation of stiffness and perhaps I can see pinching behaviour in the hsteresis curve which is not happen to the current plot.

 Detail of my model;

1.2D beam model (beam element for beams and column, truss element for reinforcement bars)

2.Concrete damage plasticity-concrete model

3. Have inlude damage material properties to concrete and steel.


Hope to get help from you all.






Thanks. I am wondering, when you used Tension stiffening to simulate bond-slip relationship, did u use any interface element or directly it will work if I consider reinforcements as embeded elements?

Hi all ,

i am trying to model between steel bar and concrete with ABAQUS , which element can use to contact between steel and concrete,

Please help


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