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Stress concentration near stiff inclusions

Do singular stress fields exist close to rigid corners?

See the photoelastic investigation at

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Modelling RC component with ABAQUS considering bond-slip.

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Hello, all

I am trying to model a corroded beam under loading considering bond-slip effects. Following is the methods i used,


           I define the interface between the reinforcement and the concrete, then i added fraction and give the fraction coefficient. However without vetical force, the fraction coefficient is useless. I also define the shear limit which brings no improvement too. So i give up this solution.

Compressive Strength of Fabric??

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I am trying to model a rubber impregnated fabric as rebar in Abaqus Standard. It seems that the rebar is only good in uniaxial tension load and it causes convergence problem in bending and compression loading. The fabric and rubber matrix has a compressive strength and that is critical to the model that I am analyzing. What would be a good approach to include compression on fabric rebar? The compressive strength of fabric matrix should be an order of magnitude lower than the tensile strength but I do not have a test data in compressive loading.


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