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First post - about rheology

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The first post on iMechanica, which is an interesting site. First, it is scientists/engineers-targeted which is hard to get so crowded. And second it is exceptionally free. Everyone is free to post everything including ads, and there is no maintenance of "academic standard" or "quality" over here. However all the post I can see are of the topic of mechanics. I believe I will find it more interesting and helpful in the future.

I am a PhD candidate in South China University of Technology. I am hosting several Chinese blogs, one of which is about rheology and soft matter research. Several years ago I used to write an English blog. Then a Chinese speaking professor from Singapore found me interesting and provided me a PhD opportunity. But I refused with thankfulness because I hadn't finished my master study in China yet. This case indicated that writing a technical blog can bring you wider career perspectives. However I later found it more meaningful to write in Chinese because there were so many grad students like me that felt painful with rheology, but so few of them at the same time that little communication can be made between us. For one time I thought those who have strong mathematical or physical background would find rheology very easy or even childish, compared with what else they might also choose to dwell into. Now I know that rheological research cannot be done separately, i.e. theory on one hand and experiment on the other hand. And I do hear from time to time the pain of some physics students preparing samples chemically. Not to mention the fact that what rheology focuses are wide, different in structures and dynamics, metastable, nonequilibrium, and theory lacking. No researcher from a typical field can say rheology is the kind of research specifically designed for him/her.

Although being "slippery" among physics, chemistry and biology may be advantageous for rheology researchers, I still appreciate firm, rigorous knowledge ands skills in one general subject.

Therefore more post in English will keep appearing in this blog. Hello, everybody! 

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