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Question about Gyroscopic Effects

Gyroscopic effects is a very old topic.

When reading
literature, I am confused by the two concepts: "gyroscopic moment", and
"Coriolis force". Are they exactly the same thing or different? what's
the difference between them if different?

In the literature of spinning/rotating beams, "gyroscopic moment" is believed to result from the change in the angular
momentum of the spinning shaft caused by its bending
motion. Also, another term "gyroscopic effects" is disscussed a lot in the literature. Sometimes people may have such an opinion: "gyroscopic moment" and "gyroscopic effects", they are exactly the same thing, just different names.

My understanding is that, "gyroscopic moment" and "Coriolis force" are the same thing named differently in different areas; "gyroscopic effects" and "gyroscopic moment" are different. Taking a spinning beam as an example, the gyroscopic effects include gyroscopic moment and centrifugal force. 

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