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gyroscopic effects

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Gyro-elastic beams for the vibration reduction of long flexural systems

The paper presents a model of a chiral multi-structure incorporating gyro-elastic beams. Floquet–Bloch waves in periodic chiral systems are investigated in detail, with the emphasis on localization and the formation of standing waves. It is found that gyricity leads to low-frequency standing modes and generation of stop-bands. A design of an earthquake protection system is offered here, as an interesting application of vibration isolation. Theoretical results are accompanied by numerical simulations in the time-harmonic regime.

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Nonconservative Stability Problems of Modern Physics

This monograph gives a complete overview on the subject of nonconservative stability from the modern point of view. Relevant mathematical concepts are presented, as well as rigorous stability results and numerous classical and contemporary examples from mechanics and physics.

Question about Gyroscopic Effects

Gyroscopic effects is a very old topic.

When reading
literature, I am confused by the two concepts: "gyroscopic moment", and
"Coriolis force". Are they exactly the same thing or different? what's
the difference between them if different?

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