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beam vibrations

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Gyro-elastic beams for the vibration reduction of long flexural systems

The paper presents a model of a chiral multi-structure incorporating gyro-elastic beams. Floquet–Bloch waves in periodic chiral systems are investigated in detail, with the emphasis on localization and the formation of standing waves. It is found that gyricity leads to low-frequency standing modes and generation of stop-bands. A design of an earthquake protection system is offered here, as an interesting application of vibration isolation. Theoretical results are accompanied by numerical simulations in the time-harmonic regime.

Need to know information about Hermite cubics & shape function

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I am doing my research in nonlinear vibration of beams. In that research, I have to derive the shape function for different end conditions of the beam. Regarding this,I need some ideas. Are there books I can reference?

Regarding my research work, I need to know about hermite cubics in Fem. Can any one suggest a book regarding this?

Forced Vibration of Prismatic Beams

Attached is a computer program, written in Scilab and easily convertible to Matlab, that computes and dsiplays vibrations of prismatic beams forced by a sinusoidal point force. One can impose a variety of boundary conditions, including ones with end masses, springs and dampers. I show several examples. This might be a useful pedagogical item to play around with.

I have similar programs and write-ups for free vibrations of Euler Bernoulli beams and Timshenko beams with variable properties. If any would be interested I would willing to post them too.

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