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Dynamic fracture mechanics

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Dynamic fracture mechanics is written by a very well known professro-L B Freund. Honestly, I have only read a small part of the book. However, I recommend this book because after reading this book, you can learn many things which haven't be touched in the class, as stated by Zhigang in the beginning of the class.

Generally speaking, dynamic fracture just include the inertia effect during the fracture process. The inertia effect can either from fast loading or the stress wave radiated from the crack tip. The concept of dynamic fracture in earthquake and other geophysics phenonmenon become extremmely import. The prediction of crack path and the instability of crack propagation also make the study of dynamic fracture important.

Currently, the crack patterns and cracking instability are still not very clear, which seems attacts many mechanicans and physicts recently. In my view, this is one the reasons that the book written by Freund is still highly cited in many scientific papers.

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