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fatigue machine

I am preparing my PHD in the National Technical Univercity of Athens (Faculty of Applied Sciences ,Department of Mechanics). We have recently bought an instron fatigue model 1276 (static capacity 2000 kNt ,dynamic capacity 1000 KNt) from the Greek Army. The machine is in bad condition and it needs service. Unfortunately , the manuals of the machine are missing.The machine is quite old and it is very difficult to find the mannuals from the manufacturer . Does anybody has the manuals or knows where i can find them?


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Hi. Did you try contacting INSTRON or searching their website? they have been helpful for me in the past.

Hi, Have you tried the website alerts, if you search from google, you might not be able to find information that you need, Try Google email alerts for related information that you would like to have, This is only new updated information, but you can try Giga alerts for old information, in that way you might get some help. Good luck.

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