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How is the entropy of polarization in dielectric material

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In the study of thermoelastic actuation of dielectric elastomer, we can write the Helmholtz free-energy as a function of stretch ratio, nominal electric displacement and temperature (T).

The entropy (S) is the negative partial differential coefficient of W with respect of temperature (T). And we can see the change of S is due to three components: deformation, heat conduction and polarization. In an isothermal state, the deformation part has been fully investigated by Arruda and Boyce in 1993, but the polarization-induced entropy (Sp) has not been clearly stated.

 I have been searching and reading papers these couple of days, trying to find out some relations between Sp and polarization energy (Wp ), but I have not obtain any good papers so far, here by "good" I mean that as clear and beautiful as Arruda-Boyce model which connected the chain entropy to the finite strain energy function.

I guess there is something similar as the Arruda-Boyce model to connect the micro polarization(like the orientation of dipoles)  to the macro free energy, but I need more knowledge about the statistic mechanics.

So if you guys has any suggestion for me, please let me know.


PS: have registered here a long time before, but only reading others topics and never post by myself. This is called "diving under the forum", and I think it is time to go up and to have a talk

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