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Xiaodong Li is a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

Xiaodong Li, of the University of South Carolina, has graciously agreed to be a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club.  iMechanica has now over 20,000 registered users.  Xiaodong is one of the earliest active users (user number 48), and has played a large role in shaping the development of iMechanica.  He has been advocating for strong participation from experimentalists, and for highlighting significant applications of mechanics.

Xiaodong himself is an accomplished and energetic experimentalist.  See his website:  He hosted the May 2007 issue of the jClub on experimental nanomechanics (node/1318).

The mission of the Journal Club is to facilitate discussion at the frontier of mechanics and its applications. 

To enable the discussion, each month an Editor selects a Discussion Leader, who in turn posts a Theme.  The Theme stays at the top of the front page of iMechanica for the entire month.  See past Themes, and the Operating Notes for the Journal Club.

Xiaodong will share the responsibility of editing the Journal Club with Xi Chen.  Feel free to contact either of them if you have an idea for a Theme, or if you would like to volunteer a colleague to be a Discussion Leader.


Zhigang Suo's picture

Thank you, Xiaodong, for agreeing to serve as the Editor of the jClub. 

iMechanica has grown substantially in recent years.  jClub has remained to be the most prominent feature of iMechanica, kept at the top of the front page.  The past Editors have engaged exceptional researchers to serve as Discussion Leaders.

Best wishes for a new start.


Xi Chen's picture

Dear Xiaodong: Congratulations and look forward to working with you in the year of 2011. Please feel free to discuss potential topics and discussion leaders.

Teng Li's picture

Xiaodong, thanks for your steady support for iMechanica, and look forward to your enthusiastic service, as always, in this new capacity.

Xiaodong Li's picture

Many thanks, Zhigang, Xi, Teng and colleagues in the community for giving me this opportunity. I am honored and very happy to serve the iMechanica Journal Club with Xi Chen for the upcoming year. With the great efforts from the previous/current editors and colleagues in the mechanics community, iMechanica Journal Club has become a true dicussion forum and spotlight assembly that catches the curent waves and issues. We have shown that mechanics plays a critical role in the fields of energy, bioengineering, and many others. You are welcome to send Xi and me your suggestions and comments for the themes in 2011. Your nomination for discussion leaders and your participation in the iMechanica Journal Club are very much appreciated.

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