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If I have the matrix A=[1 2 3;4 5 6;7 8 9] and the matrix B={1;2;3}

of course A*B is C={14;32;50}.

My question how can I get the matrix A if I have B and C ?

thank in advance


Faustino Mujika's picture

It is not possible. It can be explained, at least, in three ways:

1. It is equivalent to solve a system of three equations and nine unknowns.

2. The inverse matrix is only defined for a square matrix.

3. The matrix A that satisfies the equation is not unique: Any new matrix obtained by a linear combination of rows or columns satisfy also the equation.




Agree with Faustino,

A simple example is:

A=[14,0,0;0,16,0;0,0,50/3] also satisfies the equation.

there are many A satisfying your request.

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