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How to model substrate and coating attachement in ABAQUS?


 I want to model an Aluminum substrate with coating on it.  Is there someone who knows how can I define the attachment of intersection in ABAQUS?

Thank you in advance.



I am not sure if I aunderstand your question completely. I believe you have to be more specific...Anyway there many ways you can do something like this.


One simple way that has worked in the past is to create a part that contains the substrate and the coating and then assign different material properties. 

Dear Thanasis,

Thanks for the comment. Actually, I want to model the adhesion of a coating to the Aluminum substrate using ABAQUS. I read all the help of ABAQUS to understand this type of modeling. Now, I know that I have to model it by COHESIVE ELEMENT and using "traction-separation constitutive response". The problem is that I need an example of this kind of modeling to find out the modeling procedure.

Would you please send me the procedure of modeling (step by step) during an example?

Thank you in advance. 

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