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Regarding cohesive element deletion in Abaqus 6.8-1


I am trying to solve some example problems on fiber pull out  using non-zero thickness cohesive zone between fiber and matrix with dynamic explicit analysis in Abawus 6.8-1. I am using the element deletion option for cohesive elements but the cohesive elements are not being deleted by Abaqus even after they reach the specified damage value (I have tried both default and user specified degradation value). I have tried axisymmetric and 3D modelling but same problem in both the cases. I am attaching the input files for two cases. Can anyone please help me regarding this problem? Why abaqus is not deleting the elements? What is the mistake in my analysis?

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Plain text icon coh_axisym.inp_.txt27.47 KB
Plain text icon coh_3d_try_1.inp_.txt1.32 MB


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Add "STATUS" in your element output.

Hope it helps.


 I know it's been a long time. But I'm wondering if you figure out the ELEMENT DELETION item.

 I also met this problem, and didn't know what to do.

Thanks for your help,

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