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cohesive zone

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Predicting fracture energies and crack-tip fields of soft tough materials

Soft materials including elastomers and gels are pervasive in biological systems and technological applications. Whereas it is known that intrinsic fracture energies of soft materials are relatively low, how the intrinsic fracture energy cooperates with mechanical dissipation in process zone to give high fracture toughness of soft materials is not well understood. In addition, it is still challenging to predict fracture energies and crack-tip strain fields of soft tough materials.

Paper: On finding cohesive law parameters for foam-metal interfaces

A detailed report of our work on trying to find cohesive laws for interfacial fracture is attached.  I will add the experimental data after a shorter version of this report has been published.

The reason for posting this report on iMechanica is so that people who want to replicate the tests or perform similar tests know what is involved.  As we have found out, many details and potential problems faced by an experimentalist are hard to determine from the concise papers that are typically published as journal articles.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cohesive Zone and Cohesive Element

Hi all,

I had been trying to reproduce a crack propagation problem using XFEM/Cohesive Zone. The problem is a 200x200x50 notched plate which has been simulated using plane strain elements 200x200 with 50 mm thickness.

I generated the cohesive layer (zero thickness) between the plane strain elements in the notch region, as cohesive elements and cohesive material properties which will define the crack initiation location.

Periodic Boundary Conditions and Contact Elements with Cohesive Zone Law in Ansys

Hi all,


I have a problem with periodic boundary conditions using contact elements with a cohesive zone law in Ansys.

In my micromechanical simulations of an RVE with periodic boundary conditions I would like to have a predefined fracture path. My aim is to realize the fracture path with voronoi cells. There I get problems at the boundary of the periodic domain.

A picture of the simplified problem is attached here:


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Crack penetration in cohesive zone models

Hi all,

I am conducting some cohesive crack simulations within the framework of XFEM. The cohesive model is an initially rigid traction-separation law for mode I.  In order to deal with negative values of the normal sepration/jump, I use a penalty stiffness K.

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