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Use of Hashin damage criteria for plain woven composites in ABAQUS.


I am trying to model impact damage in a composite plate made of woven plies lay-up. I have 2 questions probably basics but I can't find any clear answer and I hope someone could help me.

1) Can the Hashin damage criterion in ABAQUS be applied to a plain woven composites? I know that initially Hashin critrion was for unidirectional composites and looking at the equations I can't see how this criterion could make the difference between matrix and fibre failure in the case of woven composites, but I can't find any restriction in ABAQUS documentation.

2) Concerning the strength properties (Xc, Xt, Yc, Yt, S) of a woven composites, do these properties represent the strenght in x direction (Xc, Xt) and y direction (Yc, Yt) even if due to the weaving, fibres are oriented in both x and y direction, or do they represent the strength in fibre direction (Xc, Xt) and in transverse direction (Yc, Yt)? Because I think I have seen somewhere that even for a woven laminate these properties were determine from the unidirectional laminate corresponding but it seems strange to me. 

Thank you for any help.


3D Hashin Failure criterion is not supported in Abaqus for solid elements. The Hashin damage initiation criterion must be used with elements

you can find here the VUMAT subroutine here


Good luck

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