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circular plate carrying one eccentric point load

Hy everyone,i searched everywhere and i can't seem to find the equation for the deflection surface in the case of a circular plate simply supported loaded by a eccentric point force.....i found the solution for the clamped case....can anyone please help me?Thank you,Marius

I believe you should be able to find everything in Timoshenko's book "theory of plates and shells"!

If you like to know about the vibration look at

AZIMI, S. 1988. Free vibration of a circular plate carrying a concentrated mass at its center. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 127, 391-393.

LAURA, P. A. A. & GUTIÉRREZ, R. H. 1981. Transverse vibrations of thin, elastic plates with concentrated masses and internal elastic supports. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 75, 135-143.

or Rao's "vibration of continous systems" or again Timoshenko's "vibration problems in engineering".

Hy Nima,thanks for your reply,i looked in Timoshenko's book but i didn't found the solution for the simply supported case, only for the clamped one,i'm not interested in vibrations....any other ideas?thank you

Any other ideas?Thank you

Hi please  refer roark's formula. He has given list of tables in which you can find the related formulas for the case which you are looking.  

thx ramana.p755,i searched the web and i think you're right,it seems that i can find the solution for my case in roark's book,does anyone have it?,if yes please someone post here ecuation for the deflection of a circular plate eccentric loaded by a point force and simply supported on it's boundaries or send me a email at,thank you very much!

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