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Re-assessing ageing pipeline infrastructure to ensure safety, integrity and reliability

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  • Assessing the potential of ageing infrastructure to provide the same level of service as newly constructed facilities
  • Identifying the key threats to the integrity of a pipeline in later life
  • New solutions for old pipelines: revealing how new technologies can
    help ensure reliability of older infrastructure and assessing the
    future outlook for mature pipes
  • Taking the necessary steps to make sure that older pipelines are operated within regulatory requirements
  • Tackling the inspection difficulties associated with ageing pipes

Oil & Gas Pipeline Integrity Management Summit, 7 - 8 October 2010, Aberdeen, UK
Roundtable discussion: Re-assessing ageing pipeline infrastructure to ensure safety, integrity and reliability
Discussion leader: Dr. Henry Tan


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The discussions topics on the roundtable today were intriguing. I created this forum for several purposes:

(1)    To keep the discussion rolling among the delegates and others world widely;
(2)    To benefit my research;
(3)    To bring the conference themes to my students who are taking the Subsea Integrity course I am lecturing.

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The majority of the world's offshore infrastructure begins to reach the end of its original design life.

More than a quarter of the North Sea oil & gas production pipeline network was first commissioned in 1960’s and 70’s. Other 23% was build during the 80’s. Those pipelines were originally designed to operate around a period 20 years.

How to deal with old pipelines become a urgent and challenging issue.

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Below are the name cards I collected during the roundtable discussions. Thanks!

Chris Fowler, President 2010-2011, NACE International

Barry Fisher, Director, Global Business Development, Quest Integrity Group

Robbie Williamson, Customer Services Manager / Principal Engineer, Det Norske Veritas Limited

Ian MacLeod, Business Manager – Integrity, Wood Group Integrity Management

John Carter, Business Development Manager – Coatings, Exova

Michael Horne – Consultant, Commercial Microbiology

Graeme Nicolson, Director, Energy, Exova

Amparo Barreda Benavent, AIDO

Robert Pearson, Pipeline Engineer, Petrofac Engineering Ltd

Chris Priestley, Pipeline Integrity Team Leader, Lloyd’s Register Emea

Graham Greenwood-Sole, Managing director, Corrocoat

Adam Lea, UK Offshore General Manager, Tracerco


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I will deliver an opening address “Structural Integrity Management: Adopting the Right Risk-Based Mitigation Strategy” at the 5th Annual Pipeline Integrity Management & Maintenance Forum, 23rd- 25th March 2011, London. My topics will include:
• Securing immediate repair prioritisation
• Extending operations safely beyond original design life
• Implementing a systematic managed approach to defects, repairs and replacement
• Developing effective pipeline response schemes: corrosion control.

Conference focus:

The demand for new pipelines and the constant need to rehabilitate existing ones are increasingly growing around the globe. A failure in the pipeline system could have serious implications for the whole production cycle, causing environmental damages and monetary loss.

Pipeline integrity has to be at the top of operators’ agendas to ensure reliable and safe operations and maximise returns. Operators need to sustain their current infrastructure as the success of pipeline projects depends on their operational availability and life expectancy.

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The Forum programme is here.

I delivered the opening address, the presentation is here.

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 I will give a presentation at the Oil & gas Pipeline Integrity Management Summit , 12th and 13th October 2011, Aberdeen, UK.

Decision making in maintenance: Effectively managing and overcoming uncertainties caused by a lack of available data.
·         Assessing the need for condition-based maintenance and the challenges associated with this approach
·         Conducting a comprehensive risk-based assessment of assets and the specific methodologies involved
·         Overcoming the uncertainties which often arise during maintenance procedures
·         Revealing the specifics of Bayesian network modelling

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