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Helpful Math for Continuum Mechanics

If you would like a copy of my lecture notes (on matrix algebra, indicial notation, vectors, tensors, vector calculus, groups, curvilinear coordinates and calculus of variations) they are available at


I am looking forward for the notes on continuum mechanics. Thank you so much



Mahdi Kazemzadeh's picture

Dear Prof. Abeyaratne,

The notes were really helpful and I am studying them carefully nowadays. They are well prepared and very good to develope the basic concepts in this area. I appreciate your helps and I hope you will upload the second and third volume, specially continuum mechanics. I am looking forward to study them.

Mahdi Kazemzadeh

Thanks for your good note! I am Yi and have just begun my doctoal thesis at RWTH-Aachen in Germany.

This visit is my first visit of imechanics. My interesting field is a biomechanics with  view point of  solid mechanics. And I need to understand continuum mechanics  and general tensor.

I would like to have a good contakt with you all and hope that I would get good infos. 

Wishing you good days

Yi, Jeong Hun 






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