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PhD positions at the University of Western Australia in Mechanics

PhD positions are available at the University of Western Australia to work on the following projects: hybrid materials with internally engineered architecture (materials with negative Poisson’s ratio and negative stiffness), wave propagation in higher order continua and non-linear media, vibrations and self-assisted healing in structures with topological interlocking, and simulation of subsurface flow monitoring. The projects have industry applications in Petroleum, Rock Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Materials Science. Graduates with strong academic background and degrees in Mechanical, Civil and Materials Engineering, Geomechanics and Science majored in Maths, Physics and Computer Science are encouraged to apply.

Successful candidates will be awarded a scholarship for three years, with a tax free value of A$26, 000 per annum. A top-up of A$10, 000 per annum can be negotiated upon performance. Please contact Prof Elena Pasternak


 Hi~ What is the deadline for application?

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